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Definitive Technology W9

SKU: Definitive Technology/W9

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W9 este o boxa wireless ce propune un sunet extrem de bine definit.

Creata special pentru cei care cauta o imbinare perfecta intre dinamica , acuratete si un raspuns de bass extraordinar, aceasta propune o tehnologie tri-polara de dispersie a sunetului , propulsand o imagine auditiva fara margini. Astfel sonorul patrunde indiferent de pozitia pe care ati avea-o in camera.

W9 face parte dintr-o gama de produse destinate distribuirii muzicii dumneavoastra prin casa cu ajutorul tehnologiei wireless.

Fie ca redati fisiere din biblioteca dumneavoastra digitala ori ascultati radio pe internet, produsele din colectia Defintive Technology va vor bucura cu o imagine auditiva audiofila.

De asemenea, cu ajutorul aplicatiei PlayFi disponibile gratuit pentru orice sistem de operare(IOS ori Android), puteti cu usurinta comuta sunetul de pe o sursa pe cealalta, iar Utility App-ul va ofera posibilitatea actualizarii firmware-ului, precum si setari de EQ pentru W Adapt si W AMP.

Amplification 6 Channel Amplification: Each woofer, tweeter and full-range driver has its own dedicated amplifier channel for greater dynamic range and a greater sense of realism. Woofers 2 x 70W; tweeters and full-range drivers 4 x 10W 


Wireless Connectivity 2.4GHz & 5.8GHz 


Inputs/Outputs Optical, Analog, Ethernet, USB-A for firmware updates and phone charging 

Driver Complement

Quantity 2 aluminum dome 
Diameter 1" (2.54cm) 
Type front-firing 
Size Class 5.25 
Type front-firing 
Full Range
Diameter 2" (5.08cm) 
Type side-firing 


Height 7 1/2" (19.05cm) 
Width 16 3/5" (42.16cm) 
Depth 7 3/10" (18.54cm) 


Included Accessories power cable 
Carton Size
Height 12 1/2" (31.75cm) 
Width 21 1/5" (53.85cm) 
Depth 11 1/10" (28.19cm) 
Technology Tell

"You can get a serious rush just from listening to the Definitive Technology W9 speaker for a period of time. It’s any wonder that the W9 is the company’s flagship product for audio enthusiasts and audiophiles. The energy carries on through to the ears, and if you’re not moving your body a bit while listening then you might want to check for a pulse."

Stanley Goodner - TechnologyTell (Feb 05, 2015)

"This is the kind of speaker that easily blends in with many a furniture set. People may not give it much notice at all, but I assure you it’s part of the charm. Who needs flash when you have the big bang, right?"

"My favorite aspect of the highs that come out of the Definitive Technology W9 speaker is the vibrance. There is no passivity within the upper registers, even in the face of muscular lows thumping out. Notes play out with equal parts energy and precision – it also helps that the W9 is quite balanced with the highs, mids, and lows."

"I don’t even need to bring the W9 outside to add music to the backyard. A simple reorientation and volume adjustment is necessary. Needless to say, the Definitive Technology W9 speaker can bring about a painful level of sound, so distance is key. With the volume at the 50 percent mark, sitting 10 meters away is close to perfect for full sound (before it starts to become too much)."

"Individual instruments have their own space to breathe with crisp, well-defined edges."

"Despite the power, the Definitive Technology W9 is precise enough to keep the drums separate and distinguishable. And when the vocals and guitar pick up in the mids, they stand up alongside the lows."

"The mids delivered by the Definitive Technology W9 speaker are excellent. Guitars are well-placed on the stage, with respect to the vocals. The vocals and instruments in the mids are separated by space without sounding detached from each other. They’re forward enough to grab your attention, but not so much to shove against your face."

Review complet: Tech Review

"The W9 makes the case for Play-Fi in that it simply sounds better than anything Sonos makes. In fact, it's one of the best-sounding wireless speakers I've ever encountered -- and after doing exhaustive reviews of portable and home Bluetooth speakers plus AirPlay speakers for The Wirecutter, as well as dozens of wireless speaker reviews for Mashable, Sound & Vision and Stereos, I've probably heard at least as many wireless speakers as anyone alive."

Brent Butterworth - About Tech (Dec 31, 2014)

""God, is this thing robust!" I noted when listening to Toto's "Rosanna" at full crank though the W9. The bass struck a perfect balance between powerful output and tightness; it rocked my big listening room while sounding tight and tuneful and never exhibiting any annoying boom."

"... Flaws? Sure: The mid-treble seemed a little buzzy and unclear. But still, it was obvious that the W9 is one of the best wireless speakers I've ever heard, and perhaps even good enough to replace a conventional stereo system ..."

" ... This tough-to-reproduce tune also sounded great, with excellent high-frequency detail (noticed especially in the cymbals and acoustic guitar) and very tuneful bass. It even had enough power to shake my chair a little."

"I measured the maximum output of the W9 at 1 meter, and it delivered the same results as the awesome Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth speaker: 105 dB, loud enough to easily fill even a large living room with sound, and loud enough to get people dancing at a party. And like the Stanmore, it actually sounds good at full crank."

Review complet:

Resedential Systems

"Definitive Technology has knocked it out of the park with its first Play-Fi family of products. The speakers are gorgeous, they sound fantastic, and they offer integrators a lot of flexibility in getting multi-zone audio into areas where clients may not want to pay for a truly custom solution."

Dennis Burger - Resedential Systems (January 8,2015)

"The W9, by contrast, looks at first glance like two W7s stuck side-by-side, but it’s a little larger than that, actually: roughly 7.5 inches high and deep, and about 16.6 inches wide. It sports two 5.25-inch woofers and two 1-inch aluminum dome tweeters in a front-firing configuration, along with two side-firing 2-inch “full-range” drivers."

"The W9 also delivers an appreciable stereo experience from a single cabinet ... "

" ... I prefer the W7 both for its more neutral sound and its enhanced portability, but it struggles to reach rocking volumes in larger rooms of my home, where the W9 positively shines."

" ... Setup is incredibly easy: you simply launch the app, minimize it, connect to the speaker via Wi-Fi, launch the app again, and put in your Wi-Fi password. "

Review complet:

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