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Definitive Technology W7

SKU: Definitive Technology/W7

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W7 este boxa wireless ultra compactă, de calitate audiofilă de la Definitive Technology perfecta pentru cei ce nu acceptă compromisuri când vine vorba de performanțe, chiar și în cazul spațiilor mai mici.

W7 este boxa wireless ultra compactă, de calitate audiofilă de la Definitive Technology perfectă pentru cei ce nu acceptă compromisuri când vine vorba de performanțe, chiar și în cazul spațiilor mai mici.

Tehnologia tri-polară de dispersie are rolul de a distribui sunetul în așa fel încât, oriunde v-ați poziționa în cameră, să auziți toate detaliile muzicale. Rezultatul? O scenă extrem de largă și bogată.

W7 face parte dintr-o gamă de produse destinate distribuirii muzicii dumneavoastră prin casă cu ajutorul tehnologiei wireless.

Fie că redați fișiere din biblioteca dumneavoastră digitală ori ascultați radio pe internet, produsele din colecția Defintive Technology vă vor bucura cu o imagine auditivă audiofilă.

De asemenea, cu ajutorul aplicației PlayFi disponibile gratuit pentru orice sistem de operare (iOS sau Android), puteți cu usurință comuta sunetul de pe o sursă pe cealaltă, iar Utility App-ul vă oferă posibilitatea actualizării firmware-ului, precum și setări de EQ pentru W Adapt și W AMP.


Amplification 1 x 30W Woofer; 4 x 15W tweeters 


Wireless Connectivity 2.4GHz & 5.8GHz 


Inputs/Outputs Optical, Analog, Ethernet, USB-A for firmware updates and phone charging 

Driver Complement

Quantity 4 aluminum dome 
Diameter 1" (2.54cm) 
Mid / Woofer
Diameter 4" (10.16cm) 
Type front-firing 
Bass Radiator
Diameter 4" (10.16cm) 


Height 6 9/10" (17.53cm) 
Width 5 9/10" (14.99cm) 
Depth 6 3/5" (16.76cm) 


Included Accessories power cable 
Carton Size
Height 10 1/5" (25.91cm) 
Width 8 9/10" (22.61cm) 
Depth 8 9/10" (22.61cm) 
Technology Tell

"It’s quite possible that the Definitive Technology W7 speaker is in a league of its own. The music that comes out of it is incredibly vibrant and energetic."

Stanley Goodner - TechnologyTell (Jan 27, 2015)

"The Definitive Technology W7 speaker is truly amazing when you consider how well it maintains quality at such a small size. I keep mentioning the size – can’t get over it! It’s impressive. Even at maximum volume, I can enjoy the powerful swell of voices of the Westminster Cathedral Choir without flinching ..."

"... It is at those precise points (among others) that the W7’s compressors kick in to pull the speakers back just a touch. This way, the hardware won’t suffer from duress just because you love to listen to your music loud. It’s smart, and I love it."

"The sounds of cymbals are absolutely delicious. Now, I’m the kind of guy that loves music enough to overlook tinny highs and sizzle on cymbals. Sometimes even suffer through it if I like the speaker enough.

But with the W7, it doesn’t matter if it’s a tap, hit, or brush. Hi-hats and cymbals preserve their metallic timbre and sound as they should. They blend in with the rest of the song and tend to add to the impression of stage depth."

"Vocals maintain silky smoothness, even as they arc up into the higher registers. It’s wonderful to pick out characteristic inflections within sung lyrics. The W7 captures such subtle dynamics, presenting the full emotion to the listener for personal enjoyment. Lesser speakers tend to simplify or gloss over all of this ... I love how the vocals sound completely separate from the instruments, yet aren’t detached or too forward on the stage. It doesn’t matter if vocals consist of one or more singers."

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Digital Trends

"...most of these speakers use proprietary multi-room wireless tech, the latest from Definitive Technology, the premium W7, uses the new Play-Fi protocol, which allows you to mix and match speakers from multiple brands.

The W7 is crafted into a beautiful cube of sound."

Ryan Waniata - Digital Trends (Apr 06, 2015)

" ... the premium W7, uses the new Play-Fi protocol, which allows you to mix and match speakers from multiple brands."

"The speaker definitely compensates for its small size (about a 6-inch cube) by loading up the low end with some musical heft. And while that does make the midrange a little cloudier than we’d like, there is some vivid brilliance in the treble thanks to those dome tweeters. Pin-point precision in the extended highs makes for a fine listen, especially in lighter recordings, like acoustic tracks and jazz."

"... the W7 is pretty pricey. But if you’re looking for a stylish cube of sound that will grow with your budget in the multi-room speaker style, this new Play-Fi device is a fine choice."

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Resedential Systems

"Definitive Technology has knocked it out of the park with its first Play-Fi family of products. The speakers are gorgeous, they sound fantastic, and they offer integrators a lot of flexibility in getting multi-zone audio into areas where clients may not want to pay for a truly custom solution."

Dennis Burger - Resedential Systems (January 8,2015)

"The W7 is a gorgeous little six-inch cube with a four-inch mid/bass drier, two sidemounted bass radiators, two “front-firing” 1-inch aluminum dome tweeters, and two “side-firing” 1-inch aluminum dome tweeters. I put air quotes around “front-firing” and “side-firing,” because orientation of the W7 is more of a suggestion than a hard-and-fast rule. It truly is a room-filling wondering of a speaker."

" ... I prefer the W7 both for its more neutral sound and its enhanced portability, but it struggles to reach rocking volumes in larger rooms of my home, where the W9 positively shines."

" ... Setup is incredibly easy: you simply launch the app, minimize it, connect to the speaker via Wi-Fi, launch the app again, and put in your Wi-Fi password. "

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